Online Course: Cancer Prevention Coach

The knowledge gained in this course is useful for any kind of health practitioner today, and also for individuals who don't necessarily offer a health-related service (yet?). We have had nurses, an oncologist, a naturalpath, a doctor, personal trainers, holistic health coaches, and stay-at-home mothers take this course.

With this training, you can offer many different services that have 'nothing to do with cancer', such as stress-management coaching, emotional healing, and of course helping individuals with cancer heal from within by addressing the root cause of their cancer. You can also teach people in a single session, a deep understanding of what the cause of cancer is, so that others gain the knowledge needed for the prevention of cancer. You can integrate the knowledge gained from this course (about the mind, emotions, and spiritual components of health and life) into any health service that you may offer, making your skillset greater and more beneificial for your clients.

You will learn what cancer is and how to prevent cancer yourself, and how to help others (and clients), prevent cancer in their life.

You will learn Pauls 15-step Real Self Emotional Healing Process, which is an advanced life navigation tool and complete emotional healing process that you can teach others, utilize in your services as a health practitioner of any kind, and benefit from directly ,by applying this tool in your own life.

Paul takes his time with each and every student to help them undertsand the course material - to not just memorize the information, but truly embody the content of the course.

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Become certified

There will be an exam at the end of this course, and once you have passed you will receive a certification as 'Cancer Prevention Coach'.

Paul takes his trainig very seriously. Everyone will need to score 100% in the exam to pass, and Paul commits to working with each student until they do.

  • Day 1 - Introduction

    Paul will open the space for the course and connect with the students. Everyone is encouraged to share their motivation to take this course and previous experiences with cancer in their lives or lives of people close to them.

    To establish personal connection with each student and create a feeling of cummunity, this day requires attendance. If for any reason you cannot attend, please email, and we will get in touch with you to find a solution.

    Class length: 2 hours

  • Day 2 - First Day of Class

    -The characteristics of a cancer-free world (a healed humanity)
    -The characteristics of a healed individual (immune to cancer)
    -The human journey from childhood to Spiritual Adulthood
    -The False-Self (unhealed ego) and the Real-Self (healed ego)

    *Live attendance not required, but highly encouraged. Class Recording will be sent via email

    Class length: 3 hours

  • Day 3 - Second Day of Class

    - How to meditate for Spiritual Growth and Evolution of Consciousness
    -Understanding the Stress Response: Fight, Flight and Freeze

    -Why and when the Stress Response triggers cancer cell growth

    -Why genetics are not the cause of cancer

    *Live attendance not required, but highly encouraged. Class Recording will be sent via email

    Class length: 3 hours

  • Day 4 - Third Day of Class

    -The Root Cause of Cancer in different sections of the body (covering all main cancers)

    -Case Histories of Clients Paul has worked with over the past 10 years.

    *Live attendance not required, but highly encouraged. Class Recording will be sent via email

    Class length: 3 hours

  • Day 5 - Fourth Day of Class

    -The two necessities for preventing cancer + the special factor

    *Live attendance not required, but highly encouraged. Class Recording will be sent via email

    Class length: 3 hours

  • Day 6 -Fifth Day of Class

    -Understanding, practicing and teaching the Real Self Emotional Healing Process (this is the process that Paul has developed through 10 years of experience working 1:1 in intimate settings with cancer clients)

    *Live attendance not required, but highly encouraged. Class Recording will be sent via email

    Class length: 3 hours

  • Day 7 Exam Review

    -Paul reviews exams openly discussing different answers to questions on the exam.

    -Q&A for clarity wherever it may be needed.

    *Live attendance IS required if you did not recieve 100% on your exam. Recording will be sent via email

    Class length: 2-3 hours

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  • Exam

    After the completion of the course, you will receive your exam. You then have 1 week to work on your exam at your own pace, with access to the Class recordings if needed. As soon as you are done your exam, please submit it - you must submit your exam by the due date, otherwise you will miss the live exam review day.

    *for exams sent in late, there will be an additional fee of 350 USD as Paul will have to review your exam individually, rather than together with the entire group on the exam review day.

  • Exam Review Day

    Please send in your exam as soon as you are finished.

    The live exam review day with Paul will be 1 week after handing out the exams (plenty of time to complete the exam).

    Attendence is required for the Exam Review Day for anyone who did not score 100% (and still encouraged for those who did), so that Paul can work with all students until they understand the content completely.

  • Certification

    After each student completes their exam successfully, their certification as Cancer Prevention Coach will be mailed to them.

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  • I thoroghly enjoyed your week long program!

    The insights and personal experiences you shared were most valuable. And most importantly your present moment engagement with the group was fantastic!!! I found myself looking forward to each day because it was always a pleasure to learn from everyone's stories. Many blessings to you for sharing your life changing work!!!
    Angela Gordyn

  • This course has been such a blessing! I am so happy I listend to my heart, and that you allowed me to join at the last minute.

    Thank you for the gift of healing that you are not only giving to us, but allowing us to give to others.

    Vanessa Burgess

  • This course was - incredible!! Thank you so much for bringing this to us and to the world!!

    Lindsay Morrison

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